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2011 Marked the centenary of the School of Education

The course of study for the first course in Education was set the year before the arrival of Fred Clarke as the founding Professor of Education in the South African College, the forerunner of the University of Cape Town, in Janary 1911. He was an Oxford graduate, 31 years of age. At the start he was the sole member of the Faculty of Education, but it was expanded in 1916 by the incorporation of the Dutch Reformed Church's Normal Teachers' Training College (the first to be established in Cape Town, in 1875) in 1916. Clarke defended the study of Education as a university subject, as yet a new idea, arguing that the Faculty of Education was "not just a Training College hanging on somewhat precariously to the skirts of the University.... It is rather a school of scientific study, a University organization existing for the purpose of systematic study and systematic exposition of educational questions... strictly comparable to a Faculty of Medical or Agricultural Science."

Howard Phillips (1993) The University of Cape Town 1918-1948. The Formative Years. Cape Town: UCT, in association with UCT Press.

Charles Dorn, a Fulbright Scholar (2012-2013) in the School of Education, has published an article (2014) on the School during the latter part of the Apartheid era: ‘It was a sort of soft war that one waged’: Teacher education at the University of Cape Town, 1976-1994. (With permission from the Southern African Review of Education.)

Opening of the centenary academic year. 23 February at 18:30. Panel discussion on 'One hundered years of schooling: What legacy?'.

Centenary Seminar Series. Details of all the seminar series.

Launch of 100-up project. The Schools Development Unit launched its new project on Wednesday 30 March 2011, involving 100 Grade 10 learners at 20 Khayelitsha schools.