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Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

For admission queries & inquiries, please contact:

Mr Roger Mackay, Neville Alexander Building, Office 5.03.4. Tel: 021 650 5622; email:

Programme Chair:  A/Prof Rochelle Kapp                                              Bursaries

The PGCE is a one-year qualification to train graduates who wish to become school teachers. It is the ONLY qualification that provides professional registration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) for graduates with degrees other than the BEd.

Please note that PGCE is NOT offered by distance-learning or by correspondence.

Admission to the PGCE is based on what subjects have been studied for the undergraduate degree, according to guidelines issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Teacher training is in accordance with appropriate prior degree courses in the subjects to be taught, as explained in the Admissions information leaflet for 2018. READ THIS FIRST.  [The leaflet is updated as new information becomes available.]

You may view or download the 2018 year planner.

There are four PGCEs, all of which are by full-time contact study (February to November) only. Applications are considered in order of receipt and admission to any PGCE will be closed when the available places have been filled. Early application is advised. Online applications for admission for the following year usually opens in April.

The closing date for PGCE Foundation Phase is 31 July, and 31 October for all other PGCE programmes.

Foundation Phase [HG019]

Programme Coordinator: Prof. Karin Murris

For prospective primary school teachers, Grades R to 3. [Grade R = 5 years].

Intermediate Phase [HG018]

Programme Coordinator: Shaheeda Jaffer

For prospective primary school teachers, Grades 4 to 7. [Grade 4 = 9 years].

Senior Phase and Further Education [HG020]

Programme Coordinator: A/Prof Rudi Laugksch 

For prospective high school teachers, Grades 7 to 12 [Grade 7 = 12 years].

Further Education [HG021]

Programme Coordinator: A/Prof Rudi Laugksch 

This is an alternative to the PGCE specialising in Senior Phase and Further Education only for prospective teachers who have specialised in one FET school subject alone. A limited number of subjects is offered. For prospective Grades 10 to 12 teachers [Grade 10 = 15 years].