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Prof Azeem Badroodien (Director)




Director - School of Education

Room 5.08.4
Neville Alexander Building
Telephone: (021) 650 2774

Interests His research interests are in education policy sociology and the enactment of education policy within education and training practice, institutional provision, and in the workplace. His main intellectual interest is in youth, race and criminalisation in South Africa, looking specifically at youth socialisation in residential settings in South Africa and the links between race, vocational education provision, discipline, inequality and poverty, and social welfare and crime in educational discourse. His work explores both the empirical data level and the underpinning theoretical discourses of education, work and skills development - both in academic writing and for various consultancy projects. In a recent focus in Teacher Education, he explored how schools, post-school education institutions, and aspects of the workplace are caught up in social inclusion/exclusion and identity/social issues concerns and how this influences policy-making thinking, institutional development, and capacity-building in different domains.