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Academic Staff

Dr Azwihangwisi Muthivhi

Senior Lecturer

Room: 5.20.6
Telephone: (021) 650 3371
Fax: (021) 650 3489

Convener MEd specialising in Primary Education
Co-ordinator Master of Education in Primary Education
Interests Children’s learning and development; concept acquisition in diverse cultural contexts of primary schooling. Developmental Psychology and Education; Language, thought and classroom teaching and learning in rapidly changing cultural contexts of schooling.

I am currently investigating children's learning and development in diverse cultural contexts of the South African primary school system. Employing Vygotsky’s cultural-historical activity theory approach (CHAT), I wish to understand the cultural-historical bases of the difficulties learners experience during school learning; with the aim of finding lasting solutions that incorporate children’s motivation to learn and hence, taking into account the unique situations and interests of learners as bases for creating meaningful engagement with knowledge that connects with their development.

I am presently leading an NRF funded: Finland-South Africa Research Cooperation Programme, wherein I am conducting empirical research on children’s learning and development in South African and Finnish primary schools (working with the universities of Oulu and Helsinki in Finland). During 2014, as Visiting Research Scholar at City University of New York, I will be extending my research to include primary schools in New York and, as a result, enriching the comparative capacity that this research will yield.

Graduate students intending to study towards a research-based Master of Education or Doctor of Philosophy degrees; in areas related to my research interests, are encouraged to contact me by e-mail correspondence. Students seeking information on our Coursework Master of Education in Primary Education are also encouraged to contact me.



  • Muthivhi, A.E. (2008a) A socio-cultural case study of the schooling system in Venda, South Africa. PhD thesis presented to the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. May 2008. Johannesburg: Wits University.