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Assoc Prof Joanne Hardman




Senior Lecturer

Room 514.1
Telephone: (021) 650 3920
Fax: (021) 650 3489

Interests Sociocultural and Activity theory; Learning and cognition; developmental psychology; mediation of scientific concepts at a foundation phase; ICT's as pedagogical tools.


  • Spencer-Smith, G. & Hardman, J. (2014). "The impact of computer and mathematics software usage on performance of school leavers in the Western Cape Province of South Africa: a comparative analysis." IJEDICT, 10 (1).
  • Hardman, J., & Mpofu, E. (2013). Cultural-historical activity theory. In K. D. Keith (Ed.), The encyclopedia of cross-cultural psychology, Vol. I (pp. 338-341). Chichester, UK: Wiley.
  • Hardman, J. (2012) Child and adolescent development in South Africa: A socio-cultural perspective. Hardman, J (Ed): Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Including the following chapters:
    • Hardman, J. (2012) Basic Concepts in Developmental Psychology;
    • Hardman, J. (2012) Theories of development;
    • Soudien, C. & Hardman, J (2012). Children and violence in South Africa;
    • Stroud, L, Hardman J, & Harrison, G (2012) Early Childhood development.
  • Hardman, J. (2011) The developmental impact of communicative interaction . In Derek Hook, Bradley Franks and Martin Bauer (eds.) pp.25-45. Communication, Culture and Social Change: The Social Psychological Perspective. Palgrave: London
  • (In press) Researching pedagogy in disadvantaged schools in South Africa: An Activity Theory approach. Critical Social Studies.
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