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Prof David Donald


Emeritus Professor
Room 5.11
Telephone: (021) 650 2835
Fax: (021) 650 3489

Interests: Educational psychology; Education support; Special needs in education; Issues in child development under Southern African social conditions; child development interventions: project design and evaluation.

Recent books published

  • Donald, D., Lazarus, S. & Lolwana, P. (2002) Educational psychology in social context: 2nd Edition. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. 378pp.

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    Section 1

    Chapter 1
    Aims of the book, and how best to use it

    Chapter 2
    Developing quality in education

    Section 2
    Theoretical framework

    Chapter 3
    An ecosystemic perspective

    Chapter 4
    Understanding human development

    Chapter 5
    Constructivism and learning

    Section 3
    Developing healthy schools and classrooms

    Chapter 6
    Developing a healthy school environment

    Chapter 7
    Developing a healthy classroom environment

    Section 4
    Addressing social issues in education

    Chapter 8
    Contextual disadvantage

    Chapter 9
    Social and interpersonal problems

    Section 5
    Addressing disabilities and difficulties in learning

    Chapter 10
    Understanding disabilities and difficulties: General principles and practice

    Chapter 11
    Specific disabilities and difficulties

  • Donald, D., Dawes, A. & Louw, J. (Eds.) (1999) Addressing childhood adversity. Cape Town: David Philip. 262pp.

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    Section One

    Chapter 1
    Improving children's chances: Developmental theory and effective interventions in community contexts
    Andrew Dawes and David Donald
    Socio-economic policies and their impact on children in South Africa
    Linda Biersteker and Shirley Robinson
    Chapter 3
    Improving practice through evaluation
    Johann Louw

    Section Two

    Chapter 4
    The psychological impact of a school feeding project
    Linda Richter, Dev Griesel and Cynthia Rose
    Chapter 5
    Working with aggressive preschoolers: A systemic community-based intervention
    Heather Jones Petersen and Ronelle Carolissen
    Chapter 6
    Health promoting schools: Lessons from Avondale Primary School
    Alan J. Flisher, Keith Cloete, Bridget Johnson, Alyssa Wigton, Rose Adams and Pam Joshua
    Chapter 7
    The Thousand Schools Project: Evaluating a whole school development initiative
    Johann Mouton
    Chapter 8
    School organisation development: A success story
    Terry De Jong
    Chapter 9
    Healing wounds of war in Angola: A community-based approach
    Michael Wessells and Carlinda Monteiro
    Chapter 10
    Caring for children in fragmented communities
    Craig Higson-Smith and Beverley Killian
    Chapter 11
    The emotional experience of working with troubled children: A psycho-dynamic approach to organisational consultation
    Kerry Gibson

    Section Three

    Chapter 12
    Intervening in adversity: Towards a theory of practice
    Johann Louw, David Donald and Andrew Dawes