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Dr Leigh-Ann Naidoo




Room 5.16
Neville Alexander Building
Telephone: (021) 650 3999


Leigh-Ann’s research interests are in education and social justice, social movements as sites of knowledge production, the roles of education in resistance movements, histories of radical education and student resistance, and thinking about the figure of the intellectual and the teacher as an intellectual.


Books and Special Journal Issues
Journal articles
Book chapters
  • Naidoo, L-A. (forthcoming 2021). The Big Ideas Book. Equal Education Publishers: Cape Town.
  • Naidoo, L-A. (2017). Women’s Boat to Gaza: International Solidarity Mission. In von Kotze, A. and Walters, S. (eds.)Forging Solidarity: Popular Education at Work. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam.
  • Naidoo, L-A. (2017) The ‘Hidden’ Curriculum of South African Sport in Ballantine, C., Chapman, M., Erwin, K. and Mare, G (eds) Living Together, Living Apart? The making of a future South Africa. UKZN Press: Durban
  • Naidoo, L-A. (2016). Contemporary Student Politics in South Africa: The Rise of the Black-led Student Movements of #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall in 2015. In Nieftagodien, N. (ed) New Narratives of Youth Struggle. Wits University Press: Johannesburg.
Print and Online Media Articles
  • Naidoo, L-A. Critical Thinking and the Hidden Curriculum, Destiny Magazine (forthcoming) May 2018.
  • Naidoo, L-A. The State of the Nation. Speaking Truth to Power. The Steve Biko Transformative Education Project Online Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 1, February 2017.
  • Naidoo, L-A. Women’s Boat to Gaza – International Solidarity Freedom Flotilla Mission, Amandla Magazine, Issue 49/50, December 2016.
  • Naidoo, L-A. Soweto Anniversary: is our 1976 moment still to come? International Viewpoint Online Magazine, IV Online Magazine, June 2016. Accessed 1 July 2016. (
  • Naidoo, L-A. Soweto Anniversary: is our 1976 moment still to come? Amandla Magazine, Issue 46, June 2016. 
  • Naidoo, L-A. The Violence of Universities – A reflective conversation by students at the Neville Alexander Commemorative Conference. Inkamva Newsletter, 2016.
  • Vally, S., Motala, E., Naidoo, L-A., Hlatshwayo, M. and Maharajh, R. (2016). How to take free higher education from pipe dream to reality. In The Conversation. Accessed 28 June 2016. 
  • Vally, S., Motala, E., Naidoo, L-A., Hlatshwayo, M. and Maharajh, R. (2016). Quality, Free Education is necessary – and possible. In The Conversation. Accessed 9.31pm Friday, 4 March 2016. 
  • Naidoo, L-A. Building a Movement: Cross-Class Solidarity, in Workers World News Issue 97, December 2015: Alternatives to Globalisation.
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  • Naidoo, L-A. Open Letter to Barney Pityana on the Rhodes Must Fall Movement, Daily Maverick, 14 April 2015. URL: