Posthumanism Group

Posthumanism Reading Group

Critical posthumanism offers a new post-western epistemology and ontology, which makes us think radically different about the (material) world and our place as humans in it (see e.g. Barad, 2007, Braidotti, 2013). This challenge to current hegemonic psychological and sociological discourses in education is critical in postcolonial theory and decolonising education. The reading group is a collegial and intellectual space for three NRF funded projects, including ‘Critical Posthumanism and the Affective Turn’ (with Prof Vivienne Bozalek from UWC as the Principal Investigator), and 'Decolonising Early Childhood Discourses: Critical Posthumanism in Higher Education' (with A/Prof Karin Murris as the Principal Investigator). We are currently studying:

  • Key texts in critical posthumanism (every other Friday between 4.30-6pm)
  • Texts in post qualitative research methodology (every other Friday between 4.30 -6pm)  

We have been running since the beginning of 2014, but new members are always welcome. You can join one or the other group, or both.

Venue: Room 3.21 Neville Alexander Building, Upper Campus

For further information please contact the organiser and facilitator of the meetings: Associate Professor Karin Murris. Email:; 0795762456