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Prof Karin Murris




  Room 5.19
  Telephone: (021) 650 2835
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I am Principal Investigator of a three year NRF funded research project on Decolonising Early Childhood Discourses: Critical Posthumanism in Higher Education (2016-2018) (  

I coordinate a PhD study and reading group for students and colleagues in Johannesburg and Cape Town who meet weekly and support each other in their research on posthumanism, philosophy with children and Reggio Emilia. - See more at: 

Research focus:: Pedagogy and philosophy (focused on early years and primary); Philosophy for Children (P4C); children’s literature in education; critical posthumanism; Reggio Emilia; school ethics  

Selected publications 

(Download articles from:  


  • Murris, K. (2016) The Posthuman Child: Educational Transformation through Philosophy with Picturebooks. Contesting Early Childhood Series (eds G. Dahlberg and P. Moss). London: Routledge 
  • Haynes, J & Murris, K. (2012) Picturebooks, Pedagogy and Philosophy. New York: Routledge Research in Education  

Edited collections 

  • Rollins Gregory, M., Haynes, J. & Murris, K. (Eds.) (2017) The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children. London: Routledge.  

Special Issues - accredited journals 

  • Murris, K. & Kell, C (2016) (Eds) Imagination and Literacy. Special Issue: Reading & Writing. (7(2). On-line journal. Accessible on: 
  • Haynes, J & K. Murris (2013) (Eds.) Child as Educator. Special Issue: Studies in Philosophy of Education. Vol 32 (3) May 2013. 

Peer-reviewed accredited journal articles 

  • Haynes, J, & Murris, K. (in print) Intra-Generational Education: imagining a post-age pedagogy. Educational Philosophy and Theory.  
  • Murris, K. (2016) ‘#Rhodes Must Fall: A Posthumanist Orientation to Decolonising Higher Education Institutions’. Special Issue on Critical posthumanism, new materialisms, and the affective turn for socially just pedagogies in higher education. Eds V. Bozalek & M. Zembylas. South African Journal of Higher Education. 30(3) 
  • Murris, K. & Kell, C. (2016) Imagination and literacy: Introduction to the special issue. Reading & Writing. 7(2), 5 pages. doi: 10.4102/rw.v7i2.13  
  • Murris, K. & Thompson, R. (2016) Drawings as imaginative expressions of philosophical ideas in a Grade 2 South African literacy classroom, Reading & Writing 7(2), 11 pages. doi: 10.4102/rw.v7i2.127 (equal authorship) 
  • Murris, K. (2016) Philosophy with Picturebooks. Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory.  M. Peters (Ed). Published on-line first: doi:10.1007/978-981-287-532-7_164-1 
  • Murris, K. (2015) Listening-as-usual: a response to Michael Hand. Studies in Philosophy and Education.34 (3):331–335. doi: 10.1007/s11217-015-9467-2 
  • [response to: Hand, M. 2015. What do kids know? A response to Karin Murris. Studies in Philosophy and Education. doi:10.1007/s11217-015-9464-5.] 
  • Murris, K. & Ranchod, V. (2015) Opening up a philosophical space in early literacy with Little Beauty by Anthony Browne and the movie King Kong, Reading & Writing 6(1), Art. #69, 10 pages. http://dx.doi. org/10.4102/rw.v6i1.69 (equal authorship) 
  • Murris, K. (2015) Posthumanism, philosophy with children and Anthony Browne’s Little Beauty. Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature 53(2):59-65. 
  • Murris, K (2015) The Philosophy for Children Curriculum: Resisting ‘Teacher Proof’ Texts and the Formation of the Ideal Philosopher Child. Studies in Philosophy and Education 35(1):63–78. 
  • Murris, K. & Verbeek, C. (2014) A foundation for foundation phase teacher education: making wise educational judgements. South African Journal of Childhood Education 4(2):1-17  
  • Murris, K. (2014) Corporal punishment and the pain provoked by the community of enquiry pedagogy in the university classroom, Africa Education Review, 11:2, 219-235, DOI: 10.1080/18146627.2014.927158 
  • Murris, K. (2014) Reading Philosophically in a Community of Enquiry: Challenging Developmentality with Oram and Kitamura’s Angry Arthur. Children’s Literature in Education 45(2):145-165. 10.1007/s10583-013-9205-8 
  • Murris, K. (2014) Philosophy with Children: Part of the Solution to the Early Literacy Crisis in South Africa. European Early Education Research Journal. Available on-line first: 
  • Haynes, J. & K. Murris (2013) Child as Educator: Introduction to the Special Issue. Special Issue: Studies in Philosophy and Education, 32(3):217-227 (equal authorship) 
  • Haynes, J. & K. Murris (2013) The realm of meaning: imagination, narrative and playfulness in philosophical exploration with young children. In Costello, P (Ed.) Special Issue: Developing Children’s Thinking in Early Childhood Education. Early Child Development and Care,183(8):1084-1100 (equal authorship) 
  • Murris, K. (2013).The epistemic challenge of hearing child’s voice [Special issue]. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 32(3):245–259 
  • Murris, K. (2013) Reading the World, Reading the Word: Why Not Now Bernard is Not A Case Of Suicide, but Self-killing. Perspectives in Education, 31(4):85-100 
  • Murris, K. (2012) Student Teachers Investigating the Morality of Corporal Punishment in South Africa. Ethics and Education, 7(1), pp 45-59 
  • Linington, V., Excell, L. & Murris, K. (2011) Education for participatory democracy: a Grade R perspective. In: S. Pendlebury (Ed.) Special Issue: Theorising Children’s Public Participation: Cross-disciplinary perspectives and their implications for education. Perspectives in Education Vol 29(1) p 36-46 (equal authorship) 
  • Haynes, J. and Murris, K. (2011) The Provocation of an Epistemological Shift in Teacher Education through Philosophy with Children. In: Vansieleghem, N. and Kennedy, D. Philosophy for Children in Transition: Problems and Prospects. Special Issue: Journal of Philosophy of Education, 45(2), 285-303 (equal authorship)  
  • Murris, K (2008). ‘Philosophy with Children, The Stingray and the Educative Value of Disequilibrium’. In: R. Cigman and A . Davis (eds). Special Issue Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 42, No. 3-4, pp 667-685. Also, published as a chapter in New Philosophies of Learning (2009). 
  • Murris, K. (2000) ‘Can Children Do Philosophy?’.Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol 34, Issue 2, pp 261-279.  

Book chapters – peer reviewed  

  • Murris, K. (in press) ‘A photo of the Cecil Rhodes statue: a critical posthumanist reading of an art installation’. Pedagogies in the Flesh: Teaching, Learning, and the Embodiment of Sociocultural Differences in Education. Eds S.Travis, A.M. Kraehe, E.J. Hood & T.E. Lewis 
  • Murris, K. (2017) ‘The posthuman child: iii’. Philosophy of Childhood: Exploring the Boundaries. Eds D. Kennedy & B. Bahler. 185-197. Lexington Books 
  • Haynes, J. & Murris, K. (2017) Readers and Readings of Texts in Philosophy for Children. In Rollins Gregory, M., Haynes, J. & Murris, K. (Eds.) The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children. 171-179. London: Routledge. 
  • Murris, K. (2016). School ethics with student teachers in South Africa: an innovative educational Intervention. The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education (Lees, H. E. & Noddings., N, Eds.). London: Palgrave Macmillan 
  • Murris, K. (2015) Case study contribution to: Larson, J. & J. Marsh (2005) Making Literacy Real, Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching. London, Sage Publications. pp 144-162 
  • Murris, K. (2014) (in Greek) Philosophy with Picturebooks: Children as Semiotic Engagers. In: Theodoropoulou K. Elena (coord., pref., transl.) Philosophy, philosophy, are you there?. Doing philosophy with children. Athens. Diadrasi editions/ Philosophy and Child Series (editors: Theodoropoulou K.E. & Gregory M.) pp 275-291 
  • Murris, K. (2011) Is Arthur’s Anger Reasonable. In: Costello, P (ed). Philosophy and Children’s Literature. New York, Rowan & Littlefield. pp 135-153 
  • A contribution to a chapter in Haynes, J. (2009) ‘Living PhD: Metaphors of Research, Writing and Supervision’. The Doctorate: Stories of knowledge, power and becoming” (ed. Tony Brown). Bristol, ESCalate Higher Education Academy. Downloadable from: pp 26-32 
  • Murris, K (2009). ‘Philosophy with Children, The Stingray and the Educative Value of Disequilibrium’. R. Cigman and A Davis (eds) New Philosophies of learning. Oxford, Wiley/Blackwell 
  • Murris, K (2009). ‘Autonomous and Authentic Thinking through Philosophy with Picturebooks’. M. Hand & C. Winstanley (eds) Philosophy in Schools. London: Continuum. pp 105-118 
  • Murris, K (2006) ‘Cultiveren Van De Moed Om Het Juiste Te Doen’; In: J. Delnoij, J. Laurier & F Geraedts (eds) Morele Oordeelsvorming en de Integere Organisatie, Damon. pp 152-177 
  • Murris, K (2003) ‘Socratic Dialogue in Mainstream Education in British Schools’; In: P. Shipley and H. Mason (Eds) Ethics and Socratic Dialogue in Civil Society. Munster, LIT Verlag. pp 132-140